3D model of Bahay Silungan.

Online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) is a growing problem globally. One of the nations currently battling prevalent child exploitation is the Philippines. Despite prevailing laws and government programs to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the country, cases continue to rise. According to a UNICEF study, eight out f ten Filipino Children are in danger of being bullied and sexually abused online. as of 2014, online child abuse had become the leading form of cybercrime in the Philippines.

Fortunately, a number of local non-government organizations have joined the battle against OSEC, one of them is AMG Philippines’ Bahay Silungan Shelter. Established over a year ago, Bahay Silugan has taken care of exploited children to protect and help them heal by restoring their lives. Through their existing ented shelter they were able to rescue 13 girls ranging in age from eight to 16 years old. with the growing cases of OSEC, Bahay Silungan will be building a duplex shelter that can accommodate more children.

With the help of Fairbuilding, AMG Philippines is looking to get help from construction industry suppliers and service providers who can give discount on the needed construction materials for the project.